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Comprehensive Reports Every CA Needs to Manage Their Practice

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A Chartered Accountant (CA) firm manages multiple clients, employees and services. To make all this organized, it is important to have comprehensive reports that provide complete and detailed information about the CA firm. For this, CA needs a CA office management software through which all types of reports can be obtained.

Why Does a CA Firm Need the Comprehensive Report?

CA Office Management Software is very important for generating and managing reports. It generates all reports automatically, saving time and allowing real-time updates. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive insight into the firm’s operations, work progress, clients, billing, employee performance, and finances.

Here are all the reports that are available from CA office management software.

CA office reports

Tasks Report

A task report is important because it provides a detailed overview of every task handled by the CA firm. This report includes the client name, task period, status (such as pending, in progress, or completed), creation date, due date, and completion date. It also includes details of employees assigned to the task, billing information, including whether it has been billed or not, invoice number, billing amount and time spent on the task.

Services Report

Service reports provide a detailed analysis of each service that the CA firm provides to its clients. This report details how many clients are availing of each service, whether the service is recurring and its frequency, pricing details, and the status of related tasks, including pending, in progress, hold, or completed.

Clients Report

The Client Report takes an in-depth look at each of the firm’s clients. This includes client name, file number, mobile number, email, address and client group. Additionally, it gives details of the services availed by the client, recurring and one-time services, and the status of the tasks, such as pending, in progress, hold or completed. This report also provides information about the total number of tasks, assigned users, billing details such as auto-billing, and the client’s ledger balance.

Passwords Report

A password report is necessary to consolidate all client usernames and passwords for various services like GST and Income Tax. This report allows easy access to all clients’ login information in one place.

DSC Report

DSC report is important for managing the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of clients. It includes client name, DSC issue date, expiry date and DSC password, making it easy to track and manage.

Invoices Report

An invoice report provides a summary of all invoices generated by the firm. This report includes the invoice number, client name, invoice date, services included in the invoice, tax and GST details, total amount, amount received, amount payable and status of the invoice, indicating whether it has been paid or not.

Receipts Report

Similarly, the receipt report details all the receipts the firm received. This includes the receipt number, date, client name, payment mode, amount and remark, providing a complete picture of all incoming payments.

Expenses Report

The expense report takes a comprehensive look at all the expenses incurred by the firm. With expense date, payment method, client name (if related to the client), type of expense, remark and notes, amount, reimbursement status (if applicable), and overall status of the expense.

Unbilled Tasks Report

The Unbilled Tasks report provides an in-depth analysis of tasks that have not yet been billed. It includes the name of the client, the name of the client group, the list of unbilled tasks and the number of tasks, which helps the firm to identify the tasks that need to be invoiced.

Client Outstanding Report

The client Due Report shows the outstanding payments of clients. This report includes client name, contact details, client group name and outstanding balance, enabling the firm to get in touch with clients and send payment reminders.

Employees Report

An employee report provides detailed information about each employee of the firm. This includes their username, email, mobile number, date of joining, status of their tasks (pending, in progress, hold, completed), total tasks assigned, total completed tasks and their efficiency percentage.

Attendance Report

The attendance report provides detailed information on employee attendance. This includes total days worked, total hours worked, working days, weekends, holidays, present days, overtime, half days, paid leave, absences and vacation days, as well as total days due, which can be used for payroll purposes.

Employee Wise Time Report

Employee-wise time reports show the hours spent by each employee within a selected timeline. The report provides insight into how employees are managing their time.

Client Wise Time Report

Client-wise time report details the hours spent on each client. The report helps to understand the time investment per client.

Timelog Report

Finally, a Timelog report offers an in-depth analysis of time spent on tasks. It includes details of employees working on each task, task dates, hours spent, task status, due date, completion date and verification status.


These reports not only help in managing day-to-day operations but also aid in strategic planning and decision-making. By keeping an eye on every aspect of the business, a CA firm can ensure smooth functioning and provide excellent service to its clients.