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Practive is a web-based software, no need to install it on a computer. With Practive, you'll have the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Be Organized

Easily manage your team and tasks, and track their progress in real-time, ensuring your team stays on track and on schedule.

Auto Communication

Be in touch with your clients using send bulk notifications, payment reminders, invoices, and links through SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

Benefits of Practive Software

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ca automation software
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  • AWS Secured Server

    Very secured and fast server.

  • 2 Mirror Backup Servers

    To ensure your data is always safe.

  • Encrypted Data

    Store your data in encrypted form.

  • Data Backup

    Storing data backups twice a day.

  • SSL: Secure Sockets Layer

    Deploy in your website.

  • 2 Factor Login

    Authenticator and OTP login.

Advanced Features

  • WhatsApp AI Assistant

    Clients can utilize AI-powered WhatsApp support assistant.

  • Autotask Creation

    Automatic task creation of recurring tasks. e.g. GSTR-3B, ITR, etc.

  • Setting

    A wide range of setting of settings and options, allow you to customize.

  • Reminder & Notification

    Send notifications to your client through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.

  • Website

    Get your own website, and your clients access their data through OTP login.

  • Security

    Login through two-factor authentication.

  • Team Roles

    Allow or restrict control of the dashboard to your team members.

  • Invoice & Receipt

    Make an invoice and receipt of your assignment and send it to the clients.

  • Reports

    Many reports will help you in-depth analyze your office from the inside.

  • Doc Upload by Clients

    Your client can upload the document using an OTP login.

  • SMS, WhatsApp & Email

    Send a single or bulk SMS, WhatsApp, and Email to your clients.

  • DSC management

    Manage your client’s DSC inventory in a systemized way.

  • Multi Billing Entity

    Allowing you to create invoices from multiple billing entities.

  • Document Management

    Upload the completed tasks files, and your client can also download them.

  • Import Clients Data

    Import client's data in bulk using an excel sheet.

500+ CAs

500+ Practicing CA are already benefiting from Practive.

3000+ Satisfied Accountant

Practive has 3000+ satisfied users in over 150 cities across India.

4.8-Star Rating

Practive has received an impressive 4.8-star rating on various platforms.

4 Lakh+ Tax Client's Files

Practive has successfully handled over 4 Lakh+ tax client's files.

What Our Clients Say

"We've been utilizing Practice Software for serval months, and it has revolutionized the way my team operates and it has significantly transformed our workflow. This software enables us to efficiently handle our tasks and store crucial documents in a centralized location. it has increased our productivity and saved us valuable time. I strongly suggest this software for any office seeking to enhance its management and organizational capabilities."

Mohit Dave

Chartered Accountant

"I have been using Practive Software for the past year and it has greatly improved the efficiency and organization of our office. The software is user-friendly and allows us to easily manage clients, manage employees, and track important deadlines. It has also helped us to communicate with clients, making it easier for everyone in the office to stay on the same page. I highly recommend this software to any CA office looking to improve their management and organization."

Gaurav Prajapat

Chartered Accountant

"As a medium size accounting firm, it is important for me to have reliable office management software that can keep up with the demands of my business. Practive Software has exceeded my expectations by providing me with an easy-to-use platform that allows me to manage my employees, clients, and tasks management. The software has helped me to send SMS, WhatsApp and Email to clients. The customer support team is also top-notch. I highly recommend it."

Rajendra Jain

Chartered Accountant

Practive Available for All Device and OS.

  • Desktop and Laptop

    Windows, MacOS and all OS.

  • Mobile App

    Google Play Store

  • Tablet

    All type of tablets.